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In order to offer a comprehensive service to producers and packers / refiners of olive oil, we consider the information essential. It is essential to be constantly aware of the fluctuations in prices, supply and demand.

This is the only way to be able to offer a vision of the market as real and updated as possible. Based on the previous premise, and always trying to maintain a serious and coherent line of work, we address each aspect that precedes and continues to buy and sell with all the attention it requires.

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In this sense, we make the sampling in a way that really represents the merchandise that is for sale, trying to avoid later problems of quality or analyticals. These samples are initially classified at the tasting level, and then reviewed analytically in our laboratory before being sent to potential buyers, thus verifying if the oils meet the analytical and quality expectations that each client requires.

Once the samples are sent and accepted, the operation is concerted. Then we follow the entire process of shipping and delivery of the merchandise. In the case of exports, we personally attend to the loads to supervise the sampling once more, either tanker or boat. Once the product is delivered in destination, we take care that the operation is settled without incidents, mediating in the most impartial and beneficial way for the parties, in case of differences.

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  • Business relationships
  • Laboratory analysis


We connect supply, (mills and cooperatives in their majority), with demand (refiners and packers), and we try to carry out all the commercial transactions with success, taking care of the different aspects of the process.


Analizando aceite

This company was founded in 1977, when the founders decided to settle in Jaén independently, after having developed all his work until then in two large companies of the sector, OILEX and Olivarera Andaluza, based in Madrid, Reus and Bailén.

In the first years, the basic activity consisted of consolidating the commercial relations with the main producers and olive oil industrial companies, both Spanish and Italian. Relationships, on the other hand, already established mostly during the years dedicated to Oilex and Olivarera Andaluza.

From the beginning, intermediation has been managed in different market plots, such as olive oil in all its qualities, of marc, oil seeds and subproducts (oleins, pastes, fatty acids ...)

International Agents

In both cases (producers and packers or refiners) we maintain relationships with firms at a national and international level (Italy, Greece, Portugal and France, among other countries).

Business Relationships

Our company has worked with companies and customers from multiple countries. We have contributed to establish business relationships in the following geographical points:



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